The 2017 Hangover (I am angry)

Normally when I write for the blog I think a lot about what I want to say. This time I am too annoyed, too angry and silence is no longer an option. So yeah this post might not be the most coherent. Sometimes I feel like ranting and have to calm myself  down again.

On the 4th of May I read about the decision to roll back some of Obama’s aspects of the Affordable Health Care Act. My mind immediately went to Victo Dolore. Then it hit me, to strip healthcare means that people with lower incomes can lose their houses and jobs by just getting into one accident or catching one serious illness. Nothing to protect them except maybe savings or luck.

But more importantly let me recap some things from this year. I will try to temper my cynicism here and there.

This year Donald Trump, the bull shit real estate entrepreneur who got away with so many things accepted the position of president of the United States. Okay, wait and see. Reading the news almost gave me the urge to vomit and then I watched some interviews and knew enough. He can be worse than Bush who let Obama clean up the mess afterwards. The Iraq war and its aftermath had some serious consequences.

Also the Brexit was and still is progressing, sort of. Remember that nice man David Cameron? Well as prime minister of the United Kingdom he gambled the future of his country for his political ambitions. How? Well he set up the referendum that led to the Brexit and now the U.K.’s younger generations and E.U. citizens in the U.K. face uncertainty. Imagine being a student in the U.K. right now and you want to study abroad. Well when the E.U. says no because Brexit, you are most likely stuck behind complex legislation.

Add the trend of political parties and their leader who say “we first, fuck the others!” Yes I am paraphrasing here but in the end this “my people first” rhetoric without nuance only divides people. In the age of activists and social justice warriors we are already facing enough divisions. Nationalism, far right, extreme right or whatever you want to call it in the end the world today is globalised. A globalised world connects everybody. National and continental economies benefit from mutual understanding, not “my people first” at the cost of good relations. Social unrest is a few steps away.

Also if there is one thing that keeps frustrating me it is the reporting in the media. No I am not talking about the critical reporting on the Trump administration. What really frustrates me is that comedy and satire shows do a better job of reporting difficult topics than most newspapers nowadays. Think about it, the jokers who jest do a better job than the official channels whose job it is to report the news. If anything the jokers point out the cost of stupidity while some news channels seem to accept it. When “The Daily Show” and “Last Week Tonight” give better insights than the regular news channel that is not a good sign.

This brings me to the biggest challenge of the 21st century. The phenomenon of stupidity. If you want to know why I mention this let me take you back to a time when I was a little Christian boy. Until I was fifteen I went to church every week because religious life and religious parents. As I grew older I started to notice details of everyday life the church people never addressed. Even worse when they disliked something for some vague reason they would often say “no it is bad” or “stay away from the occult!” I would be kept in the dark of knowing nothing more than vague reasoning, feeling stupid.

So in my teenage years I started digging into philosophy and -isms to find some answers. That was when I started to learn the importance of “why?” You see to battle stupidity you have to ask yourself “why?” all the time until you stop assuming and start observing, questioning and researching when possible. This will develop your scepticism and you become aware of what you know and do not know. Even Satanism recognises the importance of this awareness. Yes Freemasonry and Satanism were also topics I researched. Church people wanted to keep me stupid, I did my own research.

In the past years one thing that accommodated most of the above was and is stupidity. When people stop asking question and let other people tell them what to do terrible things happen. When people become too lazy to inform themselves it only takes one politician to act as their saviour  and a movement is born. Look at the Trump campaign in 2016. The threat of tyranny looms. I am very alert these days.

So yeah Donald Trump is president. Additionally the Brexit is sort of in progress. It really depends on current negotiations but the consequences are not to be underestimated. This can cost the U.K. more than just some E.U. contributions. Add the familiar “my people first!” rhetoric and wait for social unrest to appear. Most of the traditional media lag behind and do not seem to mind. In the end stupidity contributes to all of this. When people let things happen and stop informing themselves any demagogue can stand up and claim to save them from something. Remember “Make America Great Again!”? It never made sense and still does not mean anything. Trump’s actions as the U.S. president have only led to more confusion. That is not great, that is terrible.

The worst thing about a hangover is not the hangover. It is the recovery and realising how it felt afterwards. After a really bad one you avoid hangovers and you know why…

P.S. After 17 I stopped being religious. I consider myself an atheist now as religion is not for me.