Doing The Dishes

04. Dishes

There are many things to be said about the things in life that are inescapable. There are also things that are sometimes unmentioned or simply under-appreciated. One the few things that I can strangely appreciate is doing the dishes.

Now if you are about to declare me insane or something similar I understand. Then let me ask you a few questions.

“Do you enjoy eating or drinking with dirty plates, cutlery, cups and glasses?”

“Do you like to cook with pans and pots that are not clean?”

“Do you find a dirty work space or kitchen pleasant?”

My answer to all these questions is a simple “no.” In fact I simply cannot understand people who complain about doing the dishes or try to avoid doing the dishes. I grew up in a family in which the kitchen and living room where always to be clean and accessible. When I come home and I have the urge to cook something nice I shall cook my favourite meal.

Sometimes I have come home and the kitchen was a mess. In some cases the mess was mine and I was annoyed. The experience of walking into the kitchen and not being able to make decent breakfast is enough to spoil my morning. Thus when necessary, whether exhausted or well-rested I simply clean up and reclaim the space once lost.

Yes, the dishes are one of life’s many futilities in going through the motions. Additionally the picture shows two of my three favourite kitchen accessories, namely the Italian coffee pot and the French press. The third is the wok by the way. Without a wok the kitchen is not complete for me.

I really appreciate doing the dishes. Clean dishes facilitate the bliss of good food, flavourful tea and coffee.

No fresh coffee bean brew without doing the dishes. Cleanliness is next to coffee pleasure…