Comments Disabled

As much as I love writing and blogging, managing the comments is becoming more and more annoying. I actually enjoy a well written and sincere comment because that is feedback and food for thought. Whether someone likes what I have written or not, I appreciate the feedback and the commentator may have a good point I should reconsider.

There is catch in managing the comments though. If you are familiar with British humour, sketches and Vikings you can already sing it, “spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam” ad infinitum. As most experienced internet dwellers know, spam is a part of the internet and will leave traces. Spam is not just an e-mail issue.

Every time I log in to check the status of the blog, I see many comments and going through the comments takes time. Most of these comments are spam and dealing with the spam is de-motivating. There is a reason why I have delete/remove-if-not-clear-and-relevant policy for my e-mail. I will not even tolerate unexplained links from friends. I am not going to waste time on things that might are not worth it and can comprise my computer.

I am considering to dedicate some blog posts to comments to answer them because the comment is worth it in my opinion. Apart from that the comments are too much of a distraction from writing and posting. If you have anything you want to tell me, ask  me or share you can e-mail me on radjahs2cents at gmail dot com.

Yours Truly