Waiting, Preparing and Doing…

At the time of creating around 5 A.M. this post comes into existence. I have just made a coffee and my to-do list is already clear. If the connection with the title is unclear, it has everything to do with it. The coming week, namely Monday to Friday I have the fall break before school starts again and life centres around tasks and deadlines again.

The past Saturday and Sunday I saw the opportunity to sleep extra before starting on my to-do lists. Sometimes sleep is the best way to recharge after coping with school, life and everything in between. I once met with a distant friend in the Amsterdam who reminded me of something very obvious yet overlooked, namely that everything you do is a continuous motion even though not every action feels like it.

Through years of running around, work and school I have learned that life mostly consists of waiting, preparing and doing things. In the time you are not doing your thing, you are either waiting or preparing for doing whatever you have to do. This cycle of waiting-preparing-doing is one of the complex things that seems very simple.

If you ask me the cycle of waiting-preparing-doing is not simple. Even when I am not doing something my body and mind are running their processes regardless of what I think. I could be sitting on a chair and simply look outside. While I merely sit and look I breathe, my heart pumps blood through my body and my stomach and digestive system detract and process energy and food sources. When I merely sit I am still an organic combustion system of sorts.

I sometimes think about the processes that keep me running physically, mentally and emotionally and I do not understand how everything falls into place at all. The combined processes would require a life time to even understand a little. All I can do is wait, prepare and do my thing for that is the natural thing to do.

If you ask me “what is the natural thing to do?” I can only give you a partial answer. The reason is simple, as a human you are subject to experience the processes that make up life. Even if I believed in God and God granted me Salomo’s wish I still would not be able to fully answer.

Every day I wait, prepare and do my thing…