Fall & Sunlight

01. Fall & Oeverlanden

Yesterday was the 15th of October. The fall is now present and the late summer of September has turned into a wetter and colder season. These days I do not leave the house without a scarf. The colds are in the air and if you are out of luck a flu may be your seasonal gift. Of course a cold and flu are good excuses to try out new teas.

Either way I had to get out of the house and take some pictures. The clouds in the sky were a fascinating sight and I wanted to check out “De Oeverlanden” near Sloten in the Amsterdam region. The first picture is taken from the Badhoevedorp side and depicts the old wind mill of Sloten. White, grey and blue-ish clouds sometimes crossed over in the sky. Clouds really are fascinating to watch.

The advantage of not living in Amsterdam’s city centre is simple, less traffic, less noise and more nature to enjoy. From Sloten to Amstelveen there are uninterrupted parts of park and forest with lakes and paths for cyclist and walkers. Add the opportunities to actually see more nature and weather phenomena and you have a reason to roam around.

When you actually take the time to really look around you can make sublime pictures. There is more to the Amsterdam region than the usual attractions within short walking and cycling distances. Of course in a city which overdoses its guests with choice, there is simply too much to see. On a good day though, skip the tourist attractions and take a look around.