Have A Nice Day! by Adam Dant

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In life there is a set of words, formulated as a polite wish that triggers the “not this one again” thought. That was one of the reasons why I could not resist picking up this gem. As a kid I grew up with books, comics and cartoons and cartoons have a special place in my heart. Like a picture, a cartoon can visualise what sometimes requires at least a thousand words.

About Adam Dant, who in real life goes by the name of Donald Parsnips I do not know much. His cartoons capture a in snappy way the many things that in modern life frustrate many people. His approach to the cartoons is simple and refreshing. His use of the Rosenschweiz picture-frustration study is comical and effective. This British artist has an impressive resume and sense of humour, that I am certain of.

When you read the cartoons there are at least two figures and each with a text bubble. Figure A says X and figure B says Y but the text bubble of figure B is not filled in. In short, in case you have a bad day you can fill in every empty text bubble with the word “fuck” and people know you are not happy. I consider that a very effective test. Billy Connolly once explained why he prefers this word and I agree.

What is even better than anything else is that the style and content complement each other. Like John Cleese and silly walks complement each other, that is how the drawing style and the context really emphasise the things in modern life that often annoy the 21st century person. I once wrote about how the simple haiku as a simple format is great for poetry. In the same way cartoons are great for visualising and confronting issues or topics to their audience.

To find more information about Adam Dant there is a Guardian article, a Paul Gravett article and there is the Hales Gallery profile. If you find this little book with cartoons and the cartoons give you a chuckle then check it out. This book has been published by Redstonepress in the U.K.

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