When Planning & Organisation Fail

My last post was almost two weeks ago. That feels like a long time and for me and that is a long time. How that is relevant is simple, because despite all my planning and organising I was not able to sit down and write. At the moment there are four drafts in varying states, be it key words, draft text or ready to publish. The new ideas for books and music are also in preparation and yet I did not manage to finish at least three or four posts last week.

In my post “On Being Organised” I quickly addressed how I prefer to work. Well that is how I have worked on various assignments and projects in the previous weeks. Since the beginning of November I have been adjusting to a new project group and a new school schedule. Adjustments are part of life, no problem.

Then the workload increased with preparing extra project assignments and drafts, additional course portfolios and preparing presentations. Most things I have just mentioned are still in progress as my educational program is filled with little homework surprises. Now though most things are under control again, the overload is mostly dealt with.

In life whenever these things happen I often find myself facing two choices. First run with it and risk losing control in the process. The second option is often to take a step back and regain control at the risk of delays. The past two weeks I mostly ran into delays. I am not sure if there is a third option. Maybe sometimes quick thinking and improvisation sometimes are enough but in my experience quick thinking and improvisation are best applied in relative simple situations.

One factor that always keeps me on my tows is time. Are the goals and deliverables long-term or short-term? When that is not clear for me I tend to ignore the task until clarification. If anything vagueness and ambiguity can lead to unpleasant situations where a job done becomes a job due.

My law professor when explaining management, summarised management in four words: analysis, planning (& organisation), implementation and control. Implementation and control are sometimes very difficult. Even so, what seems difficult or easy often depends on how a person does his or her thing.

I am already happy to be writing here again. December will be a busy month…