Stuff Dutch People Like by Colleen Geske

15. B-V2

The story behind this book is simple. I learnt of the blog first through Facebook. After a few good posts I could not stop reading and I had to buy the book. There are a some blog websites that are so good that a book is required. The blog “Stuff Dutch People Like” is the best example of this. There is one compliment I can give to Colleen Geske: her blog made me buy her book and it was worth it.

About Colleen Geske a few things are known. She is Canadian, moved to Europe in 2004 and she has found a career in the Netherlands. She has been able to survive in Amsterdam.  Through her blog she has found an audience that likes reading her work in book form. Her book has also been popular in regular book stores in Amsterdam so there was quite some demand.

What I find most impressive about her work is the way she introduces and presents her topics. The simple things in life become engaging topics in her way of writing. Additionally she knows how to address the finer details and context. It is impressive when you think about it to keep topics engaging without glossing over details.

In my opinion most of the observations and topics are spot on. Dutch people, most notably in Amsterdam and their bicycle are a strange combination of a balancing act and moving through the city. The Dutch can be so direct that it can be insulting and yes Dutch cows say “boo!” Every once in a while I can still enjoy the posts like reading a Simon Carmiggelt kronkel.

The second book is on my short list of books. I find Colleen Geske’s blog inspiring, amusing and informative. The combination of qualities of Colleen Geske’s writings is hard to find. I enjoyed and still enjoy the blog and the book. Even if the Dutch people, notably in the Amsterdam region do not interest you her blog is still a good read.

Yes, I have a bias as I am Dutch. So what? A chuckle about my sometimes typically Dutch behaviour is still a chuckle. Sometimes the only highlight of the day is that one joke or remark that gave you a chuckle. People who can tell an engaging story or joke make life less time-consuming and more amusing. “Stuff Dutch People Like” does just that and I am grateful for it.