The Loser Mentality

The recent three weeks have been brutal. Since September times have been pretty hectic but the recent weeks were beyond hectic. Some plans were effective and some were less effective which has led to extra hours and improvising on the spot. The most striking thing that has stuck in my mind is something else. Sometimes you encounter people with a certain approach to situations. The approach of the loser mentality is one that I despise and that fascinates me at the same time.

Before I address the topic in detail I should clarify myself. When I was a teenager and I became serious with my sport, namely fencing I found I became increasingly competitive. In competition there are only two groups, winners and losers. Winners generally do whatever it takes to win, preferably fairly. Losers just participate to do the minimum and are quitters when the situation gets tough. In life this division is not nuanced enough.

While this winners versus losers division might not be very nuanced, it is still a part of me. Whenever I work with people I scan for those who are likely to deliver and those who are likely not to. I have met one person in particular who simply did little to nothing and basically sabotaged the project the group was working on. I do not understand such people.

I gave this person information and descriptions of what was necessary. In the end there was simply too little to work with in terms of delivered content. The excuse was not even an excuse. The delivered content was the bare almost unusable minimum and the explanation was that of “Oh yeah, I did only this.” I made it clear the work was unacceptable.

This loser mentality of doing only the bare minimum and quitting when situations get tough really annoys me. When I started living on my own the only thing between being broke and possibly homeless was giving in to the loser mentality. In jobs and projects the only thing that separates you from achieving your goals is you. Going the distance and making the efforts often rewards you with new relationships and opportunities.

When there is no will to win every goal you set is worthless. Sure, not everything is always feasible. Thing is that the loser mentality only adds more obstacles.

No efforts, no rewards…