26 December in Amsterdam

05. Amsterdam III

Today, namely the 26th of December I took a walk through the city. I started somewhere at Herengracht and walked around to look for interesting subjects. If anything this winter is peculiar and mostly for the weather. No snow or ice have made their presence yet.

In fact, being outside this winter often reminded me of sticking my hand in fridge to feel the temperature. When the air is chilly though you do feel it. The scarf is always with me until spring and sometimes I wear gloves to keep my hands warm. Most of the time though this winter feels like an extended fall.

Therefore the pictures as strange as they may look, are of Amsterdam on the 26th of December. When I was walking around the city was very quiet.  On the quiet moments Amsterdam is great for photography. As such today was a good opportunity to try out my Pentax DSLR. Recently I have bought a K100D Super to get back into serious photography.

Why the old Pentax in the year 2014? Well the Pentax feels right in the hand and has the right balance of features and design for me. Most importantly the camera is durable and easy to manually operate which makes working with a viewfinder and skipping menus easier. I detest it when a camera reminds me of problem solving days behind Windows machines.

Either way I am still practising with what works best on the Pentax. The best thing a camera can do for you is give you pleasure in making a picture. When I was a kid I went from disposable camera to F65, to F100 and temporarily ended up with my Fujifilm S6500fd. The Pentax replaces the Fujifilm. When you have a good feel and intuition for light the Pentax just needs to be set right. I am having fun again.

P.S. Some subjects were too strange to ignore. The spooky statue for instance is at the entrance of Vondelpark.