Plans for 2015

This year has been the first year of serious blogging for me. I started with writing music reviews for Sir Bonkers’ blog. At one point I stopped writing reviews and looked for something else. Fast forward to the Amsterdam Writers Guild and regularly reading blogs. In February 2014 I decided to gamble on a new challenge.

The new challenge was this blog, a personal project which started with a few essays and a vision of “I do not know what to expect.” I did not know my audience, which medium would work best nor how many readers I could reach. Today the 31st of 2014 I know a bit more about all those three aspects. All I can do is keep writing and maintenance consistent while I continue to create original content.

Based on recent developments and this years experience there are some things I will focus on for the blog. One important development is that I was finally able to invest in a DSLR-system. I have learnt to photograph with film and I personally prefer the eyesight and a viewfinder to live view screens. 2015 will be a year dedicated to more photography and improving my skills in the art and technique.

The changes to the blog will mostly be subtle and my aim is to post 2 times a week.

  1.  Enabling of the comments: I disabled comments for a while as the spam simply became too annoying. For 2015 a strict filter and topical specified in-out-approach will be used. Sometimes readers of my work actually gave me feedback that made me think and write about something different.
  2. More photography: this year have learnt that photography adds more than words. That aspect of photography is exactly why as a teenager I once bought a Nikon F65 with 28-80mm and went shooting. My style and subjects are more landscape and street oriented. I personally love street photography and hopefully improve my skills in 2015.
  3. More about books and music: as someone who enjoys a good book and album I will dedicate more time to books and music. When the weather is no longer an interesting topic, a story or some music usually is enough to carry a conversation or thought. That is exactly why I have collected books and albums for years.
  4. Continued essays and short reads: one thing I did not expect to learn is two-fold. First other people still appreciate an essay in 2014 and second the more I practice writing them, the more enjoyable they become. Thus for 2015 the plan is to write more. When I feel like keeping it short, a 400 word maximum short read will do too.

What remains is to update a few things and call it an end for 2014. I still have much to learn. Thank you readers. Thank you followers and hopefully you will still be there in 2015.

Happy new year in advance! See you in 2015!

Yours Truly