On My Recent Writers Block

Recently, the first week of the year 2015 I was brimming with ideas. Ideas are great, but ideas without realisation are just words in the mind. The week was packed with last classes, two portfolios and a big surprise deadline. There was too much going on and I found it hard to even sit down and simply write.

In addition to school there was the news. Usually I read the news and move on. Then I read of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. Sometimes I like watching random anime solely for the surprise effect. When I learnt more of the Charlie Hebdo attack it felt like more than a surprise: I was thoroughly disgusted.

The past week I have mostly been thinking about the Charlie Hebdo attack. It makes me sad and furious at the same time. There is Megadeth’s song “Peace Sells … (But Who’s Buying?)” and when I dig deeper some Skinny Puppy music that encapsulates what I felt. I appreciate the Charlie Hebdo for what it stands for, critiques and jokes for everyone. Bullets were an unnecessary and cowardly response.

When people cannot deal with criticism or a joke about their behaviour, they should ask others about their behaviour. I also understand that certain Muslim groups have been easy targets and were excessively ridiculed. My opinion is simple though: do something stupid and people will make fun of you, that is life. Ask the Catholic Church and many politicians and yes they asked for it. No one is above jokes and ridicule.

In life I have learnt one thing in particular. Usually people do not mind what you believe, they mind how you behave. When behaviour is directly aimed to harm or kill it can only be accepted in the case of self-defence. Terrorism and militant behaviour because some book or doctrine says so for me counts as pure stupidity. Whether you are an atheist, deist or religious person I look at behaviour.

I also know that in Europe that some exceptions can simply be invalidated based on historical grounds. The Jewish community has history on its side and political correctness is unnecessary. In an open debate and exchange of critiques exceptions should not exist to allow more arguments based on sound evidence.

A cartoon gives me reason to write again…