The Dilemma of Working Hard

Sometimes there are situations in which you wonder and think to yourself “why even bother?” In English there is a very apt expression which refers to running and travelling to get something done: “to go the extra mile.” If the story about the first marathon runner is true then you can conclude that extra miles wear you out.

Going the extra mile for additional wear and tear does sound bothersome when say it out loud. In fact some thinkers and writers have stated that work in itself is only useful when your survival depends on it. Some thinkers and writers stated that a regular job is actually good for you and society. In Thomas Moore’s work “Utopia” work is part of life but not something that consumes your entire day.

In the past months I have pushed myself to work harder to get more done. My motivation was and remains simple and personal, namely I want to have a life and not have extra work at home. Thing is not everything went according to plan and some extra work reached home. Despite the extra work disadvantage there was one advantage. The one advantage of extra work is simply improving and developing new routines.

Up to now I have not mentioned anything more positive like “having fun” or “enjoying myself.” Thing is some people, me included first look at the task and prioritise on getting tasks done. Whatever you get done early or on time is more time for you to do whatever you want to do.

Some people find that working hard is overrated. I agree and understand. There are people who are more people and process oriented. They go into something for the experience, expecting something positive. The emphasis on people and the process with expectations for something positive can lead to more positive experiences.

In the end it all comes down to how you experience whatever work you are involved in. I once shortly had a dream job but I did not fit in the company. Reality though does not always reflect your dreams. I had to learn the hard way that working hard gives advantages that get you places. Dreams are not a measurable indicator for skill or success.

There is one big problem with working hard. The wear and tear do make their presence…