On Doubt

Recently I have had to rethink many of my decisions and actions. Not everything is the way I expected and hoped it to be. In fact some results have been simply undesirable. When the disappointment strikes it is a matter of time before doubt makes its presence. “What if? What if? What if?” There must be some answers.

There are moments when the answers are simply not there. Sometimes the answers are too few or too many and what to do next is not certain. The only thing that is certain is that you are in a state of doubt. Often people have all kinds of advice and a list of expressions or wisdom quotes. Over time I have learnt that there are only two useful responses.

“Do your thing.”

“If you need help, just let me know. I am there/around.”

When the second response is not applicable, immediately sitting down and having a good conversation is the best thing to do in my experience. People like it when you at least make an effort to listen and understand. I know I do and whenever someone dear to me needs to talk or meet up, I make the time.

“Do you thing” is the kind of response that is very easy to underestimate. Thing is, in the end each individual does his or her thing in his or her way and that is life. Whether the result of “doing your thing” is positive or negative or a compromise is a different matter. The least you can do is encourage someone to follow through because you believe he or she can do it.

Status: in doubt…

Decision Opportunity

Yes, follow through and a decision is made.

No, no follow through and a decision is made.

Indecisive, no decision has been made.

Indecision Opportunity

Find out what the problem is. What, why and how?

Problem found, formulated and understood?

New Decision Opportunity


 The text structure above describes how I experience the process of doubt-decision-result. Sometimes I get stuck and I reflect on what to do. This reflection can sometimes take up more time than expected. There are moments when I get unstuck by simply breaking the process and I do something completely different. Processing routines can be an obstacle.

There are no answers in doubt. In the end there is a decision…