Waiting at Schiphol II

05. Schiphol II

Today the 1st of February I was waiting for my train. With twenty minutes to spare and a camera in my hand I decided to walk around outside. Schiphol Plaza is the mixture of boulevard, shelters, stands, signs everywhere and all kinds of small touches to seduce visitors to enjoy a consumption or just a moment of being at Schiphol.

Schiphol is usually the gateway to the city of Amsterdam. One of the most frequently asked questions is a simple one: “is this the train to Amsterdam?” or “is this the train to Central Station?” Usually new visitors are at first overwhelmed by the sheer overload of information at Schiphol.

I am so used to Schiphol now that I consider it another stop. Thing is, when you look closely Schiphol is strangely fascinating and weird in some places. Industrial complexes sometimes can surprise you with amazing sights. The last picture alone still makes me want to come back to Schiphol. Sometimes a simple reflection makes the difference.