Waiting at Amsterdam Central Station Track 10-11

01. Amsterdam Central Track 10-11

Yesterday the 23rd of February I was waiting for the train. My train was to arrive at track 10-11 and I had at least twenty minutes to spare. What you can do with at least twenty minutes and a camera is simple. After walking around, composing and clicking on the shutter button a train arrived and photography made way for travel.

That Monday was a particularly like a Spring day. The sun was shining and the clouds were mostly absent. The wind was still present and there was a slight chill in the air. Every once in a while the wind would pick up and tear through the fabric that was exposed to the outside air. It is this kind of weather that reminds me of how dualistic life can be. The Vanitas-art from the Dutch Golden Age and “Momento Mori” always come to mind.

Regarding photography the Amsterdam Central Station is one of those locations where you can walk around all day for all kinds of shots. Like the rest of the city the train station has been in almost constant reconstruction and renovation. New architecture and old architecture clash. Old and worn out elements contrast the new elements. All day you can simply watch people and birds, yes the little birds that survive in the nooks and crannies of the train station.

When you arrive at Amsterdam Central Station with a camera in hand, wander around for at least twenty minutes. When you really look the old train station tells a story about wear and tear, change and contrast and the people there…