Access versus Wealth

Ever since I learnt to handle money, from childhood to now my relationship with money has always been uneasy. If you think that sounds strange coming from a student born and raised in the wealthy Netherlands I understand. I have been raised with the principle “money spent equals money gone.” Not every child is raised with such a principle.

The moment I could work for a bit of extra money, I did. I understood and still understand that money gives you buying power and buying power gives access to the products and services you physically need and optionally want. Thing is, money and the wealth it can create is temporary.

In life, human existence as far as I have experienced access to all kinds of resources at all times is more important. Access to shelter, warmth, water, food and good company make life bearable. Access to all additional things that make life more comfortable, stable and give other opportunities can make life great.

When people say they want to be rich it leads to a simply analysis that tears apart human reasoning.

What does “rich” mean?

Does “rich” emphasise material wealth thus surplus?

Does “rich” emphasise happiness thus immaterial wealth?

Does “rich” include surplus and happiness?

How does one achieve becoming “rich?”

How does one access the state of being “rich?”

In some ways the issue of “access versus wealth” can be “chicken-egg or egg-chicken” scenario. What comes first is sometimes a matter of unique circumstances. There is no easy answer. How you perceive this issue is a matter of life experience and the values you have.

Today is the 9th of March of 2015. In most cases the world states, socialist and capitalist operate with monetary systems for exchange of ownership through money. Almost everything has a price-tag. The money measure is used for so many administration and valuation purposes that almost everything man-made symbolically  has a currency symbol.

Despite the reality of price-tags and the money measure, financial wealth and its monetary systems are based on access to raw materials and trust. Without trust, more specifically access to people who trust and invest in your monetary system the money has no value. Value in life is derived from the trust and appreciation people have.

Wealth seems only as good as the access it has to those who support it…