The Maagdenhuis Art Exhibition on April 10th Part II

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This is the second part of the previous post.  The exhibition was crowded and “gezellig.” All kinds of people were present and there was a weekend program ready for a cultural festival. If there was one thing to say about the people in the Maagdenhuis it was that they were diverse. “Democracy this” and “democracy that” was only the start of what they wanted to achieve.

The good news, despite the emptying of the Maagdenhuis by the police is that the “De Nieuwe Universiteit” will live on. What and how is a matter of time. The UvA, its “College van Bestuur” and people with power and influence cannot ignore the strong signal of the students who reclaimed the Maagdenhuis. “Who does the university serve first?” If the UvA does not choose its own students it has no real reason for existence any more. Everybody knows that…

There was enough weirdness and diversity for everyone. If art is to make people think and feel then I conclude this post with one picture.

IMGP3842 Good

“Hoe de universiteit een legbatterij werd.”

“How the university became a battery cage.”

Do you want higher education to become like a battery cage? Think about it…

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