The Maagdenhuis Art Exhibition on April 10th

IMGP3796 Good

Yesterday visited the Maagdenhuis. It had already been a day of exams, e-mails and dealing with complaints. I was happy to see the students still there. I did and do not trust the media about the Maagdenhuis situation until I have spoken to some people there. The preparations for something big were in the works.

Today it is the 11th of April. The Maagdenhuis has been emptied by the police. As much as I disagree with the how the UvA has behaved towards the students, right now it is not relevant for me. The art exhibition is more important. A written and visual memory is required.

Last night I was there after 9 P.M. The place was crowded and “gezellig”. Really, there is no English word for it.

Part II is next with more pictures.