Second Blog/Website In Progress

This blog is one of my projects. It started small and now it is part of my life. How big I am not able to explain. Big enough for me to look beyond 400 words, 1000 words and pictures yes. Because I am looking beyond this blog a second blog/website is in progress.

What does in progress mean?

Well there domain and URL are registered and paid for.

Is that an indication of something?

Yes, the theme and content are next. Time to customise and create.

How will this affect the current blog?

I do not know. I intend to stick to my two posts a week schedule.

What is the purpose of the second blog/website?

The second blog/website is more career oriented to serve as an on-line Curriculum Vitae and portfolio.

Combining blogs/website is extra work right?

Maybe so. When I enjoy the work I might as well enjoy it some more.

What is the content of the second blog/website?

The second blog/website focuses on some blogging, poetry, photography and coding.

What are your future ambitions?

My future ambitions are to become a software developer and writer.

This blog and the second blog/website are will be linked to each other when the time is right. Right now the second blog/website is an empty shell for a project for that is to run at least for two years.

There is more to come. For the coming time I continue blogging as I enjoy it thoroughly.