I Look Ahead, I Look Up


A look ahead, a look at the sky.

This week or what was left of it was a challenge. Work, taking care of business and changes made it difficult for me to focus enough on reading and writing to get to blogging. Now that I am working again I enjoy the work. I also notice that I have less time for casual reading since my employer can call me up and I get ready. My plans are finally progressing after turning into a temp again. I look ahead and up.

“I look ahead.” When I think about this statement it literally forces me to look ahead to focus on what is next. I once thought I had it all planned out in June but then I had to make decisions. From student to drop-out and two months of unemployment shook everything up. After much thinking and some advice I went for the most practical solution. In several years I see myself in a better position. I must look ahead.

“I look up.” When I think about that statement I ask myself what that means. Then I look up and I understand again. Beyond the here and now, beyond the “there ahead of you” there is the realm of possibilities. Ideals, dreams and ambitions reside there in stages of completion. When I look up I break contact with the earth and literally connect with the unknown possibilities that I might encounter.

Sometimes I honestly no longer know what to do. When that happens I breathe, refocus on what has my priority and accept that I must do what is necessary. The worst  part is that sometimes the necessary decisions are the most complex or personal ones. Then I fall back on breathing, refocusing and getting the necessary things done.

Some difficult decisions lie ahead and I have to stay focused. I sometimes wish people would have told me sooner how to deal with some situations. Either way even the best advice cannot completely prepare you. Words are simply words. Actions tend to speak louder.

I keep telling myself to look ahead of me.

Then I look up and move on again…