The Power Of Brands

Of all the beers I avoid Heineken when possible...

Of all the beers I avoid Heineken when possible…

When walking through Amsterdam for some shutter therapy I saw this old wooden crate. It reminded me of something that always happens when I encounter Heineken beer. When I encounter this alcoholic fluid in the typical transparent green bottle I prepare to decline any offer of this beverage. Call this negative bias, call this a criticism this is in the spectrum of the power a brand can have.

When mentioning “brands” think of marketing and enterprises that create products and services of a certain value. This value is advertised to the public or target group and the sales people are ready to take your money. The brand is there to give the value of the product or service a name, symbol and identifier which is monopolised by the enterprise that owns the rights to the brand.

If you think the power of a brand is something insignificant or even irrelevant, well you are wrong. Think about the “Apple flock” who line up for every new iPhone. The silliness involved almost reminds me of Monty Python’s “The Life Of Brian” and that is me being mild. All of us are vulnerable to the power of brands that promise a solution to whatever problem we have. Then the enterprise delivers something to cheer us up.

My insatiable curiosity made me a nerd. As a nerd I like information about specifications, performance figures and side-effects among others. Additionally audio and photography are my hobbies. Even when I have little to no time for research I will ask for certain specifics when possible. Certain brands I actively avoid because the enterprise behind it is known for certain behaviours. When companies have bad customer support, no purchase consideration.

Now back to Heineken. Ever since tasting beer as a teenager I disliked Heineken beer because it was so watery. So Hertog Jan, Koninck and Chouffe it was. The only good Heineken beer is a cold one because otherwise you might as well make some good tea or lemonade.

Recently Heineken also added a special beer to compete with other special beers. It is called H41. Fast forward to now I prefer wine because good wine has character and you can enjoy it slowly.

Heineken, reminds me of water I do not want to drink. That is the power of brands.

They make you say yes or no…