The Banksy Exhibition In Amsterdam

What is real and what is art?

What is real and what is art?

Today I was at the MoCo at Museumplein. A Saturday off, time to do something else. I had read about the Banksy exhibition and the police van on display so I was curious. The media have reported some things about this Banksy and I never really knew what to think of the works and the stories behind them.

So yeah I grabbed my gear, hopped on my bicycle and went to Museumplein. The weather was pleasant and there were not too many tourists. Once inside took my camera out and started to wander a bit. The exhibition at the MoCo is not a large one like the ones at the Rijksmuseum. The selection of works is small but comprehensive.

Up next is the police van. What strikes me in particular is how Banksy hides in plain side. This is a trait reminiscent of the Medieval satirists who wrote strange stories, fairy tales and fables. Behind the symbols often hid direct references to specific topics like Pieter Breughel did in his paintings. When you know the story you know the meaning. If not you have to interpret and dig.

Street art is just as interesting as high art. What is the difference? Sometimes I do not know. All I know is that Banksy’s message does get through when you learn more about him. Art is for everybody. Whether you like the message depends on you.

Check out his work, it will make you think about modern life as we know it…