Christmas Time Brainwash Time

Shiny, very shiny indeed...

Shiny, very shiny indeed…

Some time ago I wrote about Christmas. The post is here, feel free to check it out. Christmas as an established traditional celebration still has some relevancy. If anything this celebration of something brings people together. It is the end of the year, yeah you get together.

Yesterday at work the manager put on the Christmas play list. Again that awful re-rendition of “Do They Know It’s Christmas Time At All” was also playing. That song has been played so much, the original and newer renditions that it annoys me when I think about it. Manipulating others people’s minds by overplaying certain songs is one of worst things in consumer existence.

This situation reminds me of “A Clockwork Orange” and the therapy/torment “little Alex” goes through so he fits in again. The ending of that novel is strangely unsatisfying. Yet the entire story is so disturbing I never felt that story could get a good ending unless you went “Papa Monzano” with the “ice-nine.” Yes that was a Kurt Vonnegut reference.

All this subtle brainwashing during December with increased emphasis on consumerism is something you learn to deal with. I prefer to meditate, relax and get through the days. A Christmas tree, a Bethlehem shed for baby Jesus and all other decorations are not important to me. Seeing my friends and enjoying music and books is a better use of my time.

Amsterdam will become infested with everything Christmas. This is the month retailers want to make those last profits and economically it makes sense. It is up to you whether you want to avoid mainstream media, including radio to simply not notice all the advertisements. This is the best month to browse the internet with AdBlock because every company wants your money.

Christmas time, brainwash time if you allow it. Please keep an eye on your wallet.

May your December be enjoyable.