From Smart Device To Useless

After the last updates I became slower and slower...

After the last updates I became slower and slower…

I feel like writing again. December is a month I prefer to lay low in.

Thing is, life happens and change is constant. In short my old reliable iPhone was dying and I had to find a new phone. For a few months I was already checking specifications and reviews. When I had finally picked up a good replacement phone I started thinking about technology. New becomes old and the old is replaced at one point because progress.

My once shiny iPhone 4S was reduced to a paper weight. 512 MB of RAM while the operating system increases its demands per update is a sign on the wall. The old iPhone is now useless as black screens of death signalled its approaching demise. In the world of technology progress dictates the lifespan of pretty much everything.

Progress can be a benefit or a cost. When you think about it some more and start applying (if possible) the logic of progress to people you become aware of some things. From the day I had my first job I loved being able to earn my own money and to prove my skills. To this day this ability gives me a reason to take on every job I set my sights on. Then becoming better at something is for me the ultimate reward.

Even so, you as an individual can always be replaced for managerial, economic or legal reasons. The transition from useful to useless can be quick and painful. Life as a temp gives you experience aplenty.

Back to products and services though. While my ageing iPhone suffered black screens of death, my old Nokia running on ancient Symbian still properly works. It makes you think about how companies design and build their products and services.

Some GM cars fall apart while old Volvos refuse to die. My old iPhone was dying while my older Nokia still works.

From smart device to useless, no more Apple for me…