Bliss or nirvana, there are many roads. Some unobtainable…

There are many words for many things. Some things in life, the consumer life to be exact are niche. In marketing classes niche segments were always dubbed fickle and valuable. That is because of the phenomenon “unobtainium.” It is word specific to my passion, namely audio. This topic has been on my mind for years.

In the audio hobby there is no escaping the “unobtainium phenomenon”. It starts with upgrading audio gear and the symptoms of the “upgraditis” process. It goes from curiosity to hype to “take my money” while you hope your purchase is really worth it. The more something is scarce and has a certain unique performance the more expensive it tends to become. In turn anything unobtainable can burn a hole in your wallet and personal finances.

I have been there (also with photography). At one point you have to ask yourself what is really worth your time. Do you want to enjoy the music or the audio gear?

Here is the thing, even if you have enough money to get the best audio gear or the best music recordings known to man actual live music will always be better. Attend a pipe organ concert in an old cathedral or go to Animals As Leaders for example. I have done both and I wish I could go to more concerts. I have a job though to pay my bills and save up for future plans.

To enjoy life more I chose to compromise. Thus I got a HD600, a tube amplifier and a music collection that provide enough sonic bliss to stay happy. My audio system is quite affordable thankfully.

There must be many hobbies that have that “unobtainium phenomenon”, the holy grail of all things. The quest or chase can be an adventure. If that adventure does not pay your bills nor finances your future unobtainium-ism is risky.

There is much more to write about this topic. Yet in the end it comes down to imbalance or balance. Risk imbalance for your unobtainable goal or stay balanced.

Unobtainium-ism is like the siren that can eat you. Choose your “odyssey”