The Small Koss Of Sanity

The classic fun sounding headphone…

There are hobbies which are affordable. Then there are hobbies that become more expensive in the pursuit of that special something. One of my hobbies is audio. From the moment I had my own place and started getting into headphones audio became very important for me.

I have collected dozens of headphones, several DACs (digital audio converters) and several amplifiers and tried several systems. From CD to PC-audio to vinyl and portable solutions, I tried many things and gained a deeper understanding of managing this hobby.

Now where does the Koss PortaPro come into play? Well in 2015 I had to sell off audio gear to get some money in my wallet again. Once my financial issues were largely addressed I could get some audio gear again. Instead of going for more expensive audio gear I went for budget solutions and the Koss PortaPro entered. Not the best headphone ever, but it did (and still does) many things right.

The audio hobby is a hobby where one term is central to every decision you make: “diminishing returns.” In short that term means that the more you invest the less you get out of it. Often that is the case unless you know what you like and what you are doing. Even so your sanity or insanity affect your wallet directly.

With every purchase I consider I ask myself one question:

“Will this be just as rewarding as listening to music with my Koss PortaPro?”

Here is why. A Koss PortaPro hooked up to a Sansa Clip Plus or old-school disc-man already sounds pretty good if you just want to enjoy your music. The audio hobby is about enjoying your music. The moment you stop enjoying the music everything becomes futile.

Right now I have more headphones I use. To name a few a DJ headphone for on-the-go, an HD600, a closed headphone and the Koss KSC75. Every time I consider buying a new headphone I have to consider my Koss PortaPro. Especially how much value for money it is.

In a hobby where it is easy to spend a lot of money the small Koss keeps me sane. Sanity reminds you that you first have to pay your bills and get some groceries. After that you play your favourite song again.