The Cool Japan Exhibition at Tropenmuseum – I

The Tropenmuseum is one of my favourite museums in Amsterdam.

First of all my apologies. Last year in October I went to the Tropenmuseum. The reason why? Well there is this exhibition called “Cool Japan” and I am a bit of an otaku. I grew up with the Dragonball and Gundam anime for starters. These days I am too busy to really watch series but the moment I have some spare time: I will binge-watch and enjoy.

A Japanese watch for a Japanese exhibition. I had to.

When I first saw the posters in the city I immediately took notice. I have been to this exhibition at least 3 times. Now just to make you understand: this is a small exhibition. When you go to a small exhibition at least 2 times or more something about it must be good. I can go to the Rijksmusuem or the Van Gogh but those are interesting at most for me. “Cool Japan” was really rewarding for me. I might be a biased dork but the creators of that exhibition have done their homework.

And it starts here.