The Cool Japan Exhibition at Tropenmuseum – III

Fandom and merchandise…

This is part III. For part I and part II click on the links. This exhibition goes beyond the photos I am showing you. There is more to the exhibition than you think but that requires you to dive into Japanese art, culture and history. The exhibition itself gives a comprehensive overview with many references for you to chase.

I wish I could properly convey my fascination of the Japanese culture. Just looking at my camera gear already makes me biased. I mean I took the photos with a Olympus EM 5 mark I with a Panasonic 20 mm F1.7 and my path into photography started with a Nikon F65 with Nikkor 28-80mm. FujiFilm colours suited me best because that film had lively colours. Before I even thought about it years ago Japanese technology and culture was already a part of my life.

So yeah, this is where I stop. I could write about the quirkiness of Japan for ages but then I start writing essays and novels like Murakami. Seriously, do not get me started on Murakami, his stories are like good coffee and you remember the flavour. A mere scent reminds you again.

If you know the song, play it and enjoy.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Pon Pon Pon” is brilliantly random. Total earworm…

P.S. I have to stop here before I start writing about Yoko Kanno and bands like Kagrra. Just check out some music and discover a new world.