From Hope To Opportunity


One candle creates enough light to see more lit candles.

There are things in life that continue to amaze me. Sometimes they render me speechless and sometimes I find the right metaphor to at least write a few words. Such is the case with this picture. After a job interview I ended up at Koningsplein across the UvA university library. In the nearby Roman Catholic church this shot I had to make. I reminds me of how hope can lead to opportunities.

Since June this year I had to make some decisions that I really had rethink. At one point I decided that even if the consequences would be what they were all I could do was hope for the best and make an effort to get on with life. Becoming a drop-out was not on my schedule and unexpected.

I grew up with Christian values, however they may vary and the three main values of the New testament are faith, hope and love. Faith I never quite understood because I am someone who asks many questions. Love I simply do not understand and never shall, you experience it or not. Hope however is a noun and verb I can formulate, envision and look forward to as an oasis in my personal desert.

When I thought of the candles in the darkish church I found the visual metaphor for hope. One light makes you see. Once you can see more than darkness you can see more lights. Each light is an opportunity to see more. I wrote about my plans for the future before and through my projects little steps lead to distances and new destinations.

If there is one thing that I have learnt in life it is simply this: have hope and do the best possible job. Once you have or are given the opportunity to prove your worth and/or skill you can prove all your doubters wrong. A beautiful lady once told me to never doubt myself again and I am eternally grateful to her.

You owe it to yourself to have hope and make the most of your opportunities.