held back anger

Anger & Bitterness

Lately I have been busy. School, projects and life are sometimes like a broken puzzle with missing pieces. One event took place that angered me and left a bitter after taste in its wake. I might as well write about it in the context of the topics. Consider this short read a sequel to Criticism & Forgiveness.

Anger is an emotion, an intense emotion that can be triggered when someone goes too far. Through the years I have adopted the approach of avoiding taking things personal as much as possible, unless I personally failed. When I fail, I fail. Sometimes though someone can make things personal for you despite barriers or approaches. Anger is the kind of emotion that literally eats you up from inside and can be hard to control.

Bitterness in the context of anger is the result of built up annoyances, frustrations and held back anger from past experiences. Depending on the person it is the individual’s Pandora’s box you have to avoid. Bitterness basically describes the experience of unpleasant emotions that have to be kept in check to prevent you from doing certain things out of anger or desire of revenge.

Of all my emotions I do not like anger. As described earlier, anger can have certain effects and when you have a temper the emotion anger can lead to unnecessary behaviour. In life words in the end often mean less than behaviour. One’s most observed behaviour is usually the measure on which a person is judged, we all do it instinctively.

There is also the paradox of forgiveness versus bitterness. Sometimes people think that forgiving individuals are not bitter and bitter individuals are not forgiving. That kind of thinking underestimates how complex a given person can be. A person you meet can be most pleasant and forgiving towards many people and yet be extremely bitter towards certain individuals. People have their reasons and stories for their emotions, it is that simple.

As for what happened, the person involved is on my list of people to avoid. The displayed behaviour was uncalled for and enough to provoke my anger to the extent that staying calm was extremely difficult. As life goes on and time flies I will stop paying attention while that person stays on the people-to-avoid list.

If anything, in my opinion the best revenge is simply becoming a more evolved person…