Regarding the Blog and its Lay-Out

Consider this post a reply to many comments. I often come across comments about the lay-out of the blog and the text of the posts. For those comments thank you. In return I will explain some details about the blog.

The Blog

When I decided to write seriously for a designated blog with my own goals and standards in mind, I gave all initial details some thought. In the preparations I had already finished a some essays to make sure I had content to share.

Mission: to share and see if there is interest.

Vision: initially I had no vision, this blog started out as a new challenge.

Personal goals: to share and see if there is interest in what I write.

Personal standards: easy on the eyes, easy to read, avoidance of jargon, interesting topics, personal topics and sufficient variation.


Lay-out, design, presentation, pick a word for it is just a matter of  “look at me, I am pleasant to behold”.

First audience: me, when I do not like what I write or present I consider it completely unacceptable.

Second audience: you, the readers and thank you very much for your feedback.

The theme is Suits: it was easy on the eyes and easy to customise, that was enough after careful comparison.


The content of what I write is based on past experiences, daily life, school and work. I consider hobbies a part of daily life.

As you might have noticed, all topics I have written about are rather eclectic. That is because I am a curious person and sometimes I run into something that is too interesting to ignore. Thus a varied palette of topics follows.

What can I do for you?

As of now I am just a beginner in running my  blog. I have much to learn.

For myself I set high standards and I strive to improve continuously in what enjoy doing. I enjoy research, writing and simply discovering new or interesting things.  My understanding of statistics is still lacking and my research skills need improvement. If anything I am not a professional writer. I am an enthusiast in progress and as such my opinion is just an opinion.

When the time and the conditions are right I shall certainly consider contributions and collaborations. For now I just continue blogging…


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