Starting Over: Life As A Drop-Out


A New Start. A New Flower.

To start, commence, set off, initiate or launch. In action they all mean the same thing. A phase or cycle ends and a new one starts. This is a picture of a new flower in development I recently took. When the situation is right a flower appears and a new phase of existence begins. For me the situation is the same.

A combination of factors leads to a situation. The situation calls for action and where the plant depends on water, sunlight and nutrients I depend on information. Information leads to a decision. I quit thus dropped out of school. The plan was to continue studies but certain issues are more important. When an issue by itself can become an obstacle to studies that issue has to be addressed first. Even worse my future is at stake so I have to act.

For the coming years my focus will be on work, financial security and personal projects. I am still young and energetic enough to work out a solution before I am old and grey. 26 is not too old to make a switch even if the situation is unpleasant. What this means for blogging and writing? I continue blogging and writing as much as I can.

The personal implications for me are simple.

  • My curriculum vitae will be missing a higher education diploma.
  • In a society where people are easily reduced to numbers and forms I become less qualified thus less relevant.
  • Certain people will no longer be part of my life.
  • Employment opportunities will be reduced.
  • Some people might think I am stupid. Fuck them.

Whatever happens I can only remain stoic and find my own way through life. Scratch higher education and replace it for a portfolio, project presentations and a demonstration of skills. It could be worse, if not by qualifications I have to create success by merit. That is the least I can do.

There is an advantage to this situation. I have to be creative and make everything I commit to work.

So be it. I start over…