Learning To Control Time

Clocks and time...

Clocks and time…

Recently I had to buy a new watch to adapt to my work. Time limits are vital and deadlines have to be met with or without contingency time left. For me buying a new watch meant that I had to improve a skill I have often neglected. That skill is now one of the most important things I must master in my life. I am learning to control my time.

I am the kind of person who does not like to think about time. In fact I do not fully understand time as an entity nor as a sensation with my limited human senses. You might say “what is this science fiction speak of time?” and I will say “think about it” and then I continue my activities.

In the context of recent changes time has become more than an indication for now or later. In my current full-time job I have to regularly monitor the hours and minutes between opening and closing the place. In hospitality each day of operations is a window of opportunity to make guests feel welcome and generate revenues. A drink, a bite to eat and a table are ready the moment someone walks in.

After years of working in all kinds of hospitality venues I have learnt various skills to make guests stay or leave. I also had to learn how to plan, schedule and check while doing regular rounds. Combine people skills with planning and scheduling and you become very busy. Some people are great at it. Some people learn as they adapt.

In my personal life, meaning non-working life I devote my time to resting, friends and projects. There each spare minute and hour count double as I work five days in the week. Sleep recovers the body and after that the remaining time is to be used effectively. Time and energy are scarce resources when life becomes busy.

I am happy to be finally writing again. Between work and sleep it was difficult to focus, oh balance.

Meanwhile I am still learning…