Two Quirky Watches With Character

Two totally different watches…

I just wrote about my current watch collection. Well here are my two favourites. They are both small, thin and you hardly notice them on the wrist. Yet they both have character. There are some unique details that make them stand out.

They are both unique.

First I will start with the Swatch Happy Blue. In 1995 Swatch made a series of solar quartz watches. Some were dedicated to the Olympic games and some were released for a wider audience. After this release Swatch never made solar quartz watches again. Like many other Swatch watches the happy blue is a colourful and well designed watch. Blue happens to be my favourite colour and this watch simply radiates joy. It is happy to keep on ticking.

Recently I bought the Timex Marlin. The Timex Marlin is a unique watch. It has its origins in the 1950-ties. Check this site for more information on Timex. Mine is a 60-ties model in near mint condition. It still runs and you only need to wind it. I bought it because I liked the style and I thought (and still think) it is a great small dress watch. The movements in the older Timex watches were super reliable because they were made of very few parts. (Fewer moving parts, fewer things that can go wrong.)

Both the Swatch and Timex are small watches. I am used to my 42mm Steinhart and 43mm Seiko SSC015. Thing is when you just want a discrete watch does not attract attention, easily hidden from view a small watch is great. My job is very hands on sometimes so a bigger and stronger case is needed. On a day off I love wearing the Timex.

Additionally I love the technology used in both watches. What if you do not want to replace a battery in your quartz watch? Well you solar cell as power source can work. As for the Timex, if you do not want to use it, let it sleep. You want to wear it again wind it up. Easy and reliable.

As a nerd I love watches for one unique quirk. Watches combine design, technology and practicality in one device. They do more than only telling the time.

They tell you about the possibilities of the time they come from. That gives them character…