Started A Watch Collection

It started with a steel watch…

You use a watch to check the time. That is the obvious function of the watch. It is a tool that tells you the time. Until a few years ago I considered watches as tools only. One would do and I would wear it until it broke or became useless.

For years I only used to buy 20 Euro analogue Casio watches. White dial, rubbery plastic and they lasted a year max. I had at least two of those. There was one exception with my Nike running watch that had a digital display, stopwatch and track timer functions. I broke that one too.

It was only in 2016 that I bought my first steal wrist watch. I wanted something durable an I bought a Lorus quartz sports model. The one you see on the picture. A year later my best friend gave me a Steinhart homage watch. It is an homage to the old Rolex Submariners from the 60ties and 70ties. After getting used to the Steinhart the bug hit me. I became curious.

This hobby is more fun than you expect.

From a Lorus to a Steinhart I started looking around. A few months after getting used to the Steinhart I started looking into other watches and what made them interesting and/or different. The pocket watch I already bought out of curiosity. Those things are charming. Here follows my journey in watches.

Seiko 5: SNK809, the field watch version, beater watch.

Swatch Happy Blue: solar quartz watch, production discontinued.

Seiko SSC015: solar quartz dive watch, beater watch.

Vostok Amphibia(n): Russian military dive watch, beater watch.

Timex Marlin: vintage dress watch, manual movement.

Timex Day-Date: vintage casual watch, manual movement.

Each watch has something interesting to it. Often a combination of history of the manufacturer, brand and the technology used. The old Timex watches, of course they are discontinued but the story behind the movements is still fascinating. Timex for instance had to cut back on costs yet make a reliable movement and that resulted in fascinating movements.

Pocket watch, Lorus, Steinhart, Seiko 5, Seiko SCC015, Swatch, Vostok and the Timex watches.

Yes, in everyday life you only need one good watch. When you learn more about how time keeping instruments developed you look at those instruments differently. Time can be so personal that you carry it with you.

So you wear a watch…

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