The Technical Side of Blogging on Word Press

This post is also a response to a comment. The commentator asked some specific questions which I answered before. However I did not go into technical details because my words will not match your own experience with the Word Press user interface.

Workflow 3 on Word Press 11-07 by Ruben

I will however try to give some impression of how it is to work in Word Press.

“Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it very hard to set up your own blog?”

It is actually very easy to set up your own blog. What is requires more effort is to create interesting and original content that might or might not attract an audience. The internet is a playground, not everyone is interested in what you do or make.

“I’m not very technical but I can figure things out pretty quickly. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions?”

First of all you do not have to be technical. Experience in office suites is enough to help you through most situations.

Workflow 1 on Word Press 11-07 by Ruben

This is the top half and everything you need to access is conveniently in reach.

Workflow 2 on Word Press 11-07 by Ruben

The bottom half gives you access to the other things you need to access, including help from Word Press and tutorials.

Word Press Reader on 11-07 by Ruben

When you press on the big “W” in the upper left corner you access the reader page which basically connects you to new content, content creators and a few other things that make up the Word Press community.

In Word Press what you see is what you get. The details of each thing or function is a matter of clicking, reading and testing. The clicking, reading and testing part does involve a learning curve as some things are a matter of clicking, reading and testing.

Access to all these things is easy. You need an internet connection, a browser and a working computer. A screen larger than ten inches is recommended and the standard creature comforts also apply. A decent keyboard and when you prefer a mouse all help out.

Where does one start this journey into blogging as so many others have done? Where may one find this portal to all this Word Press goodness, the rich bounty of bloggers delight? Well, fear not as only a simple query typed in a search bar with the magical words “Word Press” suffices.

No ship, car or air plane will take you to this digital place of wonders. The internet and a computer are enough.

Welcome to Word Press 11-07 by Ruben

Now the word “free” here is the honey for the flies. As a new blogger you still have to make an effort and act like a bee. Once you taste the honey you want more honey thus you have to create more honey.

Some things are not “free” on Word Press. Thing is many things you might need are quite affordable. I paid for my website domain, blog lay-out and the few things I needed. I am a student on a tight budget and I paid for what I needed. I am satisfied with what Word Press offers.

The best of luck…




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