The Person Behind The Words

This post has always been a matter of time. From the moment I started to take blogging seriously there would come the moment that I had to tell more about myself. When the read is rewarding enough the author comes into play. Questions like “who is he or she?”, “what are the reasons for …” and “where does he or she come from?” follow.

Recently I have connected my personal Twitter account to the blog. I have come to like Twitter due to its limitations. Twitter allows for a very sparse use of words and signs. After some thinking I simply made an account and wrote haikus on Twitter. Every post on Twitter I make is a haiku as the haiku complements the inherent medium limitations in an elegant way.

From loose ideas to blogging and tweeting haikus I might as well introduce myself.

My name is Ruben and I am Dutch. Radjah is my second name. I was born in 1988 and currently I am a second year business student. My business studies program is called IBMS, spelled out it means international business and management studies. I find my studies useful but not very inspiring. To find inspiration I set up personal projects like this blog for instance.

Before I ended up being a second year business student I have been job hopping and studying elsewhere. Suffice to say I took some detours before being where I am now. I started at University after V.W.O. graduation. V.W.O. means “voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs,” and in English it is a sort of higher level of high school degree. In practice V.W.O. consists of more theory and reading thus the transition to university seems sensible.

I did not like university as much as I had initially expected. I dropped out and worked for a while. Another aspect of life back then was living by myself. Within a few months you have to learn to manage. When you have a job then replace “manage” for “survive” and life changes a lot. The difference between student life and working life is simple. As a student you have to study with usually a smaller living budget. As an employee you have to work with usually a bigger living budget.

I have been flat broke and sometimes I had more money than I ever expected to have, both as a student and employee. In 2013 I started studies again and I decided to do things differently. Some people find that thing that they want to do early and some people need more time. I needed more time.

The blog archives tell should tell you enough about my interests. I have always been a very curious person and thus I cannot resist looking things up with a bit of research. My curiosity has led me to collect books, collect music, go places and to write about all kinds of things.

The coming years I shall dedicate myself to more serious research and writing. The reason I get up in the morning is to learn something new. Big or small, there is always something to new to discover.

My hope is that my eclectic writings achieve something similar.