2016 A New Year

Light warms hearts and hopes, better days ahead...

Light warms hearts and hopes, better days ahead…

My last post was from the 23rd of December. Since then I had little time and energy to write. Even reading a short story or full article was a challenge. Somehow I was able to work on some ideas and read a bit. Meanwhile Amsterdam was flooded with tourists and many of them wanted food and drinks. New year’s eve was chaos in the city. After 8 P.M. no public transport, traffic blockades and taxis swarming like wasps.

First things first though. Happy 2016 and may it be a good year for you. I think little of most calendar events and traditions but new year holds a special place. When the year ends everybody is equal and you wish everybody the best. Surviving a year in (some form of) good health is still an accomplishment.

Second what to do in these next 365 days? Well I expect to be busy with work, home studies and some blogging. Having less spare time means that I have to do more with less time. Therefore I shall do more with less time because enjoying life makes everything worth it. Change is constant so to adapt is necessary.

One thing in particular I will focus on is fun. Last two years I have been pretty serious and I want to enjoy life more. School days are work days now. Work is not everything and money comes and goes. A moment of thorough pleasure, a good memory is invaluable.

Also, as much as I enjoy writing I have less time. Instead I am working on photography days to go out and make pictures of what makes life interesting. There is still so much to discover that will be lost for words any ways. Sometimes a picture says more than words.

Take care and happy new year!