The Challenge Of Consistency

Of the four pictures with these shrubberies, two were good...

Of the four pictures with these shrubberies, two were good…

In the past weeks work was busy, I went on a holiday and today I had to have a fresh coffee to catch up with reading some blogs. Then it occurred I still wanted to write a few posts and I had skipped a week. So yeah this is about the challenge of consistency because it keeps me busy.

The last few years it dawned upon me that after your early twenties consistency becomes more important. Peak performance is good but consistency is more reliable. Ever since I was young I picked up whatever I had to learn and either forgot about it or applied it when usable. After my failed university period I experienced that my failure to consistently meet university standards was limiting my opportunities.

I sometimes wish that back then I knew what I know now. Back then nobody told me about the costs of failing to consistently meet the academic standards. Sure in conversation I could outsmart many people yet exams, oh no. This hurt a lot and to this day I regret being such an idiot.

It took a special person to make me realise all of the above. I am eternally grateful to her. Since then I have become aware of many things that can make or break the projects you work on. Blogging has helped me a lot in becoming more consistent as an individual. Writing is something I enjoy more than I can explain.

When deciding on the challenge of consistency I became inspired by an element of art. The counter-point composition in paintings and pictures that artificially adds depth and perspective to the composition and work as a whole. My medium of choice was the haiku, a form of poetry that challenges the writer to deduce observations to their essence.

Every day I try to write two haikus in at least two languages, Dutch and English. Silly? Maybe but it keeps me focused on improving my language and writing skills. That small task is my stepping stone to cross the chaotic river of life.

The challenge of consistency is a mountain I climb every day. I cannot see the top, only the path. What remains is to enjoy my journey and achieve more.

Consistency keeps me busy…

P.S. The shrubberies, they make sense. Do not say “Ni!”