Power Hungry People And Their Flocks

Today I had a conversation with someone about the U.S. presidential elections and the candidates. This is my only post about the U.S. presidential elections. The media-storm and constant reporting are almost like a hangover waiting to happen. This event reminds me of two options: vomit on the street or at home (if you are lucky).

It reminded me of something that keeps me busy whenever some people are running for positions again. There are many ways to look at people running for positions. Gender, age, ability, personality and the lists get longer and longer. The way I look at this phenomenon is partly inspired by Machiavelli. He emphasised behaviour, in particular the balance between kindness and cruelty. I think he had a point.

Personally I always add this: how the behaviour of the candidate in question influences his or her supporters and/or followers. In short how the candidate behaves, has an effect on his or her flock. In hindsight this is nothing new. In church, in school, on the street and in the workplace I often observed how even in small groups the “leader” influences the behaviour of his or her flock. I have always been more of a loner because some people do things their own way.

Now we have Trump versus Clinton and there are some differences between the two. Both candidates have their strengths and weaknesses, skeletons and scandals in the past. Both candidates are very lacking for the position of U.S. president if you ask me.

Thing is, if you have to choose between compromises you choose the one that is least harmful. Well when you have a candidate who makes more noise than sense and is willing to spread social unrest and violence, just to win I know enough. If you have been keeping up you understand who I describe here.

Yes, I know I am not American. Yes I am aware I cannot vote across the pond. I Do know one thing. I do not want a U.S. president to ruin the earth because “temperament.”

Power hungry people and their flocks, oh politics is a minefield. All you can do is hope the next person in power does not explode all the mines. Politicians are not always aware of the damage they can do to others, directly and indirectly.

Time for music, I need to relax again…