The RX100, A Pocket-able Compromise

The Sony RX100 is pretty small indeed…

One of my favourite hobbies is photography. It is a time-consuming hobby and requires money management and a lot of research. One thing that I love about current developments is the implementation of large sensors in to relatively small bodies with good controls. Or in lay man’s terms: compact cameras that can (almost) handle and perform like DSLRs.

Recently I finally picked up the Sony RX100. I have the mark I. The RX100 has the 1 inch sensor with a very good lens that starts at F1.8 at 28mm and goes to F4.9 at 100mm. That is very good for a compact camera that fits in the pocket of your trousers. This camera series was on my short list. Yeah Sony already has a mark IV on the store shelves and the mark V is already available in some parts of the world.

The point of this post is not about telling you this is the best camera ever. Photography is about capturing a moment in life with the available light at your disposal. Some people want big medium format cameras and some people say full frame is plenty, choose your compromise. There is so much of choice.

I wanted a pocket-able compact camera with manual controls and a bigger sensor for better image quality. There are many cameras that fit that description these days. The differences between every camera: design, handling characteristics and implementation of technology (software and hardware!).

Then when you have finally made your short list you check what your wallet allows. Budget dictates whether you have to go bargain hunting or can buy new. So many considerations and headaches before you even get to the accessories you might need.

My method is always to check reviews and to ask the people I trust. What remains is to try and hold the camera. When the camera does not feel good in my hand, then no. Sometimes people underestimate how personal “feel” is.

The RX100 is a good camera if it suits you. My focus is on stills and I am still testing the camera.

A pocket-able compromise that makes photography fun. That is enough…