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Future of the Blog

Comments Disabled

Extra Content

Plans for 2015


Pour le Charlie Hebdo

La Réalité de la Satire

Essays & Articles

On Editing (About Writing)

The Beauty of Women

The Creative Process of Editing (About Writing)

Freedom of Expression and The Word Fuck

The Value of Books

The Detestable Sound Bite Phenomenon (Politics)

The Importance of Music

The Dutch Attitude

On Social Equality and Social Equivalence (Politics)

The Technical Side of Blogging on Word Press

Flight MH 17, Ukraine & Some Perspective

Content, Engagement & Sensationalism (About Writing)

Internet, Content & the Internet Generation

We The People (Politics)

Civilisation and the Environment (Politics)

The Maintenance of Relative Peace and Tolerance (Politics)

The Value of Doing Things Yourself

The Importance of Critical Thinking and Analytical Thinking

The Importance of Failure

The Democracy Gospel: Power (Politics)

The Democracy Gospel: Representation (Politics)

On Essays, Papers and Projects

The Relevancy of Christmas

On Democracy: the Trias Politica (Politics)

Escapism versus Reality

UvA – Maagdenhuis Occupied on the 25th of February 2015 (UvA)

Short Reads

First Short Read

Motivation & Work Ethic

The Word “Free”

Criticism & Forgiveness

Intellectual Property & Copyright

On Queensday & Kingsday

The Netherlands & May 5th

Racism & Political Correctness

The Concept of Democracy (Politics)

Thank You

The Concept of Democracy II (Politics)

On Learning Languages

Freedom of Expression and Religion

The Importance of Research (About Writing)

About Writing and Blogging (About Writing)

On Optimism

The Essence of Marketing

Curiosity and Discovery

Pre-Destination and Free Will

Regarding the Blog and its Lay-Out (About Writing)

Racism and Tradition (The Sinterklaas case)

Privacy and The 21st Century

Economics and Politics (Politics)

Israel, Gaza & Some Perspective

The Internet and Net Neutrality

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Religion Attitudes

Privacy and the Right To Be Forgotten

Simpleness & Complexity

Happy Society & Wealthy Society (Politics)

On Knowledge & Faith

Common Sense

Discrimination & Context

The Concept of Originality

The Weird and Wonderful

The Importance of Pacifism (Politics)

On Progress

Hoe gaat het?

Waiting, Preparing and Doing

Anger & Bitterness

Stress and its Effects

On Being Organised

When Planning & Organisation Fail

Complaining & Becoming Older

The Loser Mentality

On My Recent Writers Block

The Dilemma of Working Hard

On Doubt

The Value of an Opinion

The Relevance of the News

The Low Income Life & Being Broke


Water Seats

Coffee Time Saturday Morning

When Life Gives You Lemons…

The Old European Cities

Amsterdam, Schiphol & Tourism

Time Management

A Day in Maastricht

A Walk Before Nightfall

An Evening in Utrecht

A Walk in Amsterdam

Small Coffee, Bigger Coffee

A Walk in Amsterdam II

On Writing, Topics & Focus (About Writing)

Cultural Awareness

A Stop at Rotterdam Central Station

A Walk in Sloten

A Walk in Hoorn

Consumption & Durability

Paprika in “Het Spinhuis” (UvA)

Fall & Sunlight

The French Press – Coffee the Elegant Way

Western-European Trivialisation

26 December in Amsterdam

Waiting in Schiphol

White Winter in January 2015

Waiting at Schiphol II

Doing The Dishes

Waiting at Amsterdam Central Station Track 10-11

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