Ford Prefect

Three Weeks Passed, Hello 2017

Oh my how time flies...

Oh my how time flies…

Since December have been working and trying to live. This verb to live has many meanings but in general it means that you as an organism on this planet called earth continue to function, not dying. Oh was that too much sarcasm? How terrible I honestly do not know what to think or feel with recent events taking place.

You can do the Arthur Dent thing and settle somewhere. You can do the Ford Prefect thing and look for the next adventure because that is your thing. In a society where true adventure is something that might require a monthly salary (or two) a comfortable chair and music are also an option. In doubt, remember to bring a towel and 42 is then answer to all your questions because 42.

Here is what I did in the last week of December between working and sleeping. Beethoven. That week I was listening to all the Beethoven Symphonies because something had to change. A trusty HD600 brought the music to my ears which converted the sound waves into organic memories of rather pleasing music. When the world is on fire and the fire is too big you might as well enjoy yourself, so I did.

Additionally I had some time for Kate Bush‘s album “Before The Dawn” because she finally released an album. If you do not understand why some people appreciate Kate Bush music, listen to her first albums and start reading. She was and still is one of the most unique artists of our time. Classically trained and highly talented she changed music, Pop music in particular for years to come with music very few people dared to make.

Also right now Beethoven’s 6th Symphony is playing. Of all the nine Symphonies it has become my favourite. It is a subtle Symphony. When you listen to it with your heart you discover things about music that might surprise you. Beethoven was a peculiar composer. Through melodies he could convey emotions very effectively.

Christmas was regular day of work and new year, well I escaped the fireworks. A glass of wine, friends and music are enough to be honest. Forced traditions and commercialism are not my thing any more.

Now I have to catch up with my reading. Victo always has a good story…